3 Video Contest Trends Worth Mentioning

Video Contest TrendsLet's talk about 3 video contest trends that deserve your attention this year. Part of pulling off a successful campaign includes checking into trends to see what you're following will likely respond to. Let's get your contest brainstorming off to the right start by going over the hottest video contest trends.

First up: Mobility

Without a doubt, this is the most important trend. Everyone's been hearing about mobile usage being on the rise. With 50% of users relying on their mobile device as their main source of internet access, you better be looking for ways to make sure your contest can travel with them! In addition, it's estimated that video will make up 66% of mobile traffic by 2017. This means that video contests will see a leap in exposure and sharing, adding up to more traffic for your brand. If mobility hasn't been a focus, it's time to change that. Consider how your audience is using mobile devices, from phones to tablets. Plenty of businesses have underestimated the online usage of their following, believing that only a younger audience is savvy enough to utilize mobility. Don't make their mistake and underestimate your audience! Mobility is soaring, rapidly gaining more importance - something you don't want to miss out on.

Incorporate Pets

In the same way that seasonal/holiday contests are wildly popular, so are video contests that incorporate pets. Let's face it, social media users love sharing videos of cute animals! If you ask entrants to showcase their pets, your campaign will receive a major boost in sharability. Chances are, your following is more than willing to get their pet in on the contest. Another plus is the limitless creativity that can go into entries. Provide the challenge, and watch the creative (sometimes quirky!) results roll in.

Next trend: Seasonal/holiday video contests

The up side to hosting a seasonal/holiday themed video contests is that you're capitalizing on the festivity that your following brings to the table. There's nothing better than highlighting the excitement that comes with holidays like Halloween, or sharing the fun of winter months with your following through a video contest. Holiday contests are very popular for that exact reason. Videos that are relevant to the time of year, or the experiences of your followers are likely to get clicked on and be passed around their social media pages. Which means the contest is accomplishing exactly what it should be in terms of marketing outreach. Again, it's important to know your audience. If you're trying to reach a broad group, it might be best to consider doing a seasonal contest rather than one that focuses on a specific holiday. Not all holidays are universal, so be aware whether or not you're limiting your entry pool if you choose to go with a holiday theme. As always, trends are an excellent way to see what's catching people's attention. Make the most out of them by knowing your following and planning a contest that will hook their interest from the start.