5 Most Popular Video Contests For Kids

Video Contests For KidsLooking to engage a younger audience? We have 5 popular video contests for kids, with subject matter that's relevant to a younger crowd, and parents will sign off on.

Health and wellness

When we talk about health and wellness for kids, it can mean a few things. First, physical wellness, which has been getting a lot of attention recently from campaigns and contests. With kids being saddled with more and more homework, there are some great campaigns looking to make sure kids are getting enough play time to balance things out. An equally important component of health and wellness is tackling the issues surrounding mental health stigma for kids. Kids who live with depression, ADHD, and other mental health issues might not be receiving that much support from their peers, especially if their classmates are unfamiliar with mental illness. Stigma busting campaigns are an awesome opportunity to lend support and generate conversation among kids.

Pet care

Plenty of families have a beloved pet that doubles as an additional family member. Which means it’s a good idea to go over proper behavior around animals, including how to treat animals you don’t know. Campaigns around animal safety are another great conversation starter. On top of that, it’s a relevant topic that we don’t always think to talk about with the kids in our lives. Many campaigns geared toward animal safety allow kids to engage in the conversation in a way that feels comfortable for them. Whether their content is on the serious side, or funny and adorable, the main thing is that the conversation is taking place at all.


Allow kids to show off their skills! Plenty of campaigns focus on singing and dancing, and it’s truly amazing to see how talented kids are when they perform at a young age. The arts don’t always get the most attention in schools, so it’s great to see campaigns that work to reward kids for exploring and dedicating themselves to what they’re passionate about.

Caring for the environment

A lot of conversations about recycling and how to treat the environment are taking place in schools. With Earth Day, the push to recycle, and kids having a genuine interest and curiosity about the world around then, a contest about caring for our plant does pretty well. There are many different directions you can take with a contest like this. And, even better, it can turn into a classroom project, or school collaboration, which will add to the awareness for your campaign and what you’re doing.


Let kids start a conversation about their favorite authors or books. Whether it’s the wildly popular Harry Potter series, or the latest from a beloved author. Many libraries host summer reading programs, and kids all over celebrate National Reading Month. Help them get into the swing of things by asking what they like to read, and why it means something to them. Like any other contest, the key to pulling off a great kids contest is coming up with something that's relevant to the age group you're looking to engage. Topics like animals, reading, and anything that might come up at home and school are always a great place to start.