5 Video Contest Rules To Ensure A Successful Campaign

Video Contest RulesOnline video contests are a great way to connect with your following and receive valuable content for your business. We put our heads together and came up with 5 rules to make the process easier for your business – and most importantly, an experience you'll want to repeat! Know the guidelines for the platform you’re using to host your contest For example, if you're promoting your video contest on Facebook, this means you'll need to keep up with their most current guidelines. They change frequently, but it's worth keeping up so your business doesn't lose its page. You want to make sure that the contest language is legitimate so you don’t hit any snags that reflect poorly on your business. Requirements need to be concise There’s nothing worse than having confused, or angry participants. Make sure that you take the time to clearly spell out the rules and regulations for your contest. Go over and double-check the things that seem common sense. For example, if you don't want profanity in your video contest entries, make a note of it. Remember, when you're dealing with the public, you want to make sure all of your bases are covered. Don't expect everyone to understand what it is you're looking for without you spelling it out for them in a clear, concise manner. Don't advertise too soon Be careful not to advertise for your contest too soon. Anything over a month is dangerous - because entrants will most likely put their videos off, thinking they have enough time to do it later - and then end up never coming back to send in their submission. As a general rule of thumb, you should start rolling out details about a month in advance of your submission deadline. Start by posting about your contest and getting the word out. And as the deadline draws closer, pay attention to how many submissions you've been receiving and continue promoting accordingly - with more frequency towards the tail end of the contest. Keep video length short and sweet It’s always best to keep videos on the short side. You might be tempted to allow longer submissions, expecting to have great content that can be used in the future. In reality, longer videos tend to ramble or drag on. Even worse, you'll have minutes of fluff that won't be useful to your business. Enforce a reasonable time limit. Entrants should have enough time to state the information you've asked for, but too much time will invite the need for editing. And trust us, editing long-winded videos is never fun. Above all else, remember to have fun Ultimately, you're trying to drive engagement with followers and consumers. People love the competition and the feeling that comes with interacting with their favorite brands. By nailing down the guidelines and what it is you're looking for, you won't have to sweat the small stuff. Instead, you'll be able to enjoy connecting with your followers while receiving great content in the process.