5 Video Contest Tips You Can't Forget To Implement

Video Contest TipsLets talk about video contest tips you need to implement to ensure your campaign is a success. There's a lot happening when you plan a contest, and it's easy for details to fall by the wayside. We understand the pressure to have a successful campaign. Here are our tips to make it happen:

Get organized

The prep stage of any campaign effort is the time to set the tone for the feel of the contest going forward. It's all about how you approach brainstorming, working together with your team, and pulling all of the details together to make a great contest. Whether you think so or not, it will make a difference. Start by fostering an environment that supports creativity and the sharing of ideas. How many good ideas will never be brought up if your team is afraid of being mocked or not taken seriously? Make everyone feel welcome to throw out what they're thinking in order to generate a dialogue. Same goes with any other interactions you may have surrounding the contest. Put your best foot forward, make the experience a positive one.

Check in with your competition

The last thing you want is to host a contest that mirrors what your competition is doing. It's great to check in and see what they're doing and how their successes and failures stack up, but your contest should be uniquely your own. Tap into your team's creativity, do something that sets you apart from the rest. Viewers aren't going to be drawn to a contest that they've seen before, especially if it's been done better. They want your fresh ideas, and a new spin on things. Check in to see what other people are doing, but don't rely on their ideas to advance your marketing!

Leverage social media

Give your traditional marketing avenues a boost with social media. If you want your contest and the content you receive to make the rounds, you'll need to promote the campaign through Twitter, Facebook, and your other platforms where links back to your site and the contest can be spread through sharing. An added bonus of advertising your contest this way is the fact that you're connecting viewers to content even after the contest is over. If you keep up a reliable stream of relevant tweets and other updates, contest viewers and participants will stick around to see what you're up to, which will have a greater impact in your long-term marketing goals.

Know when to close it down

If your contest doesn't generate the interest you were looking for, the temptation is to extend the closing date or even leave it dangling until you receive more entries. Don't do that! Avoid the temptation and stick with a firm closing date. A high volume of submissions looks good, in theory. But your contest goals shouldn't just be about the short-term. If you want to have a lasting positive impact you have to keep in mind that viewers aren't known for their attention spans. Generally, contests run for 4 weeks and then it's time to do a PR blitz to promote the winners and make sure contest buzz is reaching your target audience.

Use contest results

Before you move on to your next campaign make sure you have a plan to use the content you've received. We already know that video circulates really well on the web. Businesses have been utilizing it for that exact reason. It allows you to introduce your brand to a whole new audience, and gives you more control of your brand's image. So don't let the content sit once the contest is over. Make space for it on your site, share them on social media. They aren't doing your marketing efforts any good just sitting and gathering dust.