6 Video Contest Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Video Contest IdeasWe have 6 video contest ideas for your next marketing campaign. If you're feeling a little low on creativity, we've got you covered! The most important aspect of sitting down to come up with ideas is figuring out who you're looking to reach. With that in mind, here are ideas that reach out to a variety of demographics.


Everyone loves funny babies: Whether it's a cute giggle or surprising moment of hilarity caught on film, contests featuring babies as the main focus can lead to some of the greatest video out there. Encourage parents to submit clips of their funny baby for heartwarming, adorable content. Lend a hand to new parents: Have you checked out the price of diapers lately? How about formula? Baby basics are expensive. Nothing will get parents more excited for a contest faster than your offer to give out cash, diapers, or other necessities.

Kids and teens

The arts: Give kids and teens a chance to show off their talent and they'll be coming out in droves to participate in your video contest. Singing, dancing, you name it and there are plenty of talented kids who want to show you what they do best. Reward their talent with a relevant, age appropriate prize and you'll have parents on board, too. Summer plans: It's time to shake off the gloom of winter. Trade piles of snow and frigid temperatures with sunshine and summer vacation for excited kids and teens. Plan a video contest that allows them to share their summer plans. Whether it's what they're looking forward to most, or something as simple as their favorite summer spot - generate excitement about the long-awaited break from winter!


Pets: The internet is full of videos of our pets doing the things that make us love them more. (Or in some cases, frustrate us to no end!) The good news is there's no shortage of interest in watching dogs sing and cats fall off of our counter tops only to land on their feet and look smug about it. A video contest that shines some spotlight on our pets and their (mis)adventures can have fantastic results. Holiday themed: Holiday themed video contests are a hit when you're able to make the most of seasonal festivities. Get your brand in the spirit of things by planning holiday themed contests over the summer and into fall and winter. The trick to putting together an engaging contest idea is focusing on who your campaign is targeting. By narrowing your focus onto the desired demographic, you're more likely to come up with ideas that'll grab attention and generate interest in your campaigns.