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15 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for Elections

15 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for ElectionsJudging from the way bumper stickers and yard signs are blooming, it must be election season. While these devices have been perennial favorites for generations, it's no surprise that online advertising has quickly becoming the new preferred medium for many campaigns. Think about it - voting is an emotional-laden decision.  If you want to influence the way viewers perceive a candidate, you must connect with them emotionally.  Multimedia content tends to trigger emotions better than other mediums, and video testimonials are right at the epicenter of this growing digital marketing trend. So what are some video testimonial campaign ideas for elections? Remember, when putting together any type of video testimonial campaign, it’s important to first have your specific goals outlined. From raising awareness for a candidate to recruiting volunteers or activists or encouraging constituents to vote, election videos can be used for many purposes. With those goals in mind, you then must choose the type of video that best suits your needs.  Using a video testimonial campaign to promote an electoral candidate is a match made in heaven.  That’s because people are not only eager to support the candidate of their choice, but they are also eager to tell anyone who will listen why they too should support that candidate.  That means you are able to get enthusiastic, credible and authentic spokespeople for a reasonable amount of time, money and effort. Even though you want your speakers to be authentic, you also want them to record testimonials that coincide with your candidate’s overall message.  When creating your video testimonial campaign, you should ask questions that elicit the following kinds of responses:
  • Make it personal -  Why are you voting for the candidate?
  • Get specific - Which of the candidate’s policies/proposals is your favorite?
  • Focus on results - What will change/happen when the candidate is elected?
  • Promote peace of mind - How will things improve when the candidate is elected?
  • Provide a call to action - Why viewers should support, contribute to, vote for the candidate?

Setting Guidelines

Because the people who record testimonials tend to be enthusiastic, there are several ways to contain their enthusiasm in a short, to-the-point video. You can:
  • Explain the objective(s) of the video testimonial campaign
  • Provide an example that they can view before recording their own testimonials
  • Recommend a maximum length for their testimonial
  • Limit the number of questions they can respond to
Although your visitors might be enthusiastic, you still need to encourage them to record their testimonials, so be sure to also provide a compelling call-to-action on your website and offer a small incentive to visitors who record videos. When the videos are recorded, you have options on how to post and promote them.  Most importantly, you can target them where they will have the most impact.  For instance,  you can choose the best platform to share the videos, such as your website,  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a mobile app.  You also can target by age, geographic location, gender, or lifestyle, just to name a few. Bottom line: The effectiveness of video testimonials as an election campaign strategy is limited only by how you use them.