Recruitment Video Testimonials Make Reaching Out To Applicants Easier Than Ever

Recruitment Video Testimonials The process of hiring the best and brightest for your team can be a lengthy one. Recruitment video testimonials are great because they show, rather than tell what makes your business excellent. Video is the perfect medium for reaching out to prospective candidates. The majority of job posts include a wall of text. A video that shows off the best of your brand and what you have to offer employees can set you apart. If done correctly, video can establish connections that an endless wall of text can't. Here are some tips to making the most of your recruitment video testimonials:

Discuss company culture

What's behind your brand? It's easy to make vague promises about a great work environment when you're recruiting. It's also boring. Instead of falling back on cliches, examine your company's culture. What stands out about your company? Your answer should impact what you choose to highlight in your video. keep in mind that employees want to feel like they're part of something important. Make sure you're showing them an authentic glimpse of what they're getting into. Or more importantly, why they should be interested in joining up with you. If you're having trouble getting started, here are a few questions that will assist you in getting across your message:
  • How do you promote your values, as a team?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Where are you headed in terms of growth and positive change?

Be yourself

Remember the advice your mom always gave you? Whether it was your first day of high school or tackling your first job interview - chances are, your mom has told you to just be yourself at one time or another. It was useful then and it's useful now. Above, we discussed highlighting company culture. In the same way that you don't want to promote ideas and practices that don't apply to your brand, you also don't want to misrepresent the experiences of your employees. Recruitment video testimonials are an excellent way to give applicants who might otherwise be unfamiliar with what you do a look into an average day. You can provide them with a glimpse as to what they can expect in their new work environment. This isn't the time to pull out all the stops by using expensive equipment or actors to portray what goes on in your company. Applicants will be able to tell whether or not you're being genuine, so you're going to want to be just that! Giving applicants a glimpse into what it's like to work with you is as easy as creating a short video comprised of day-to-day interactions. Take them on a quick tour, let other employees tell them what sets you apart. It helps to look at recruitment video testimonials an introduction; to you, other employees, and the environment they could potentially be stepping into. It might sound complex. but don't over-think the content. It's time to re-connect with the values at the chore of your brand and allow video to do the talking in the recruitment process.

Recruiters: The Video Testimonial Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Video Testimonial QuestionsShort on inspiration for video testimonial interview questions? We've got you covered. From what not to do, and how to do better, to the questions that will yield the best responses for your video testimonials.

What not to ask

Tell us about ________ Asking for any sort of detailed explanation generally leads to a long, rambling response. Most people aren't used to being filmed while answering questions. Even if it's a topic that they have a great deal of knowledge about, people still get nervous. A common response to a case of nerves is to fidget and appear uncomfortable, but it can also lead to unwanted rambling. So in the case of video testimonials that you want to use for marketing purposes, it's best to cut down on questions that are too broad. If you provide questions that have a clear focus, they can cut to the chase, get to answering the most important part of what you're asking without as much anxiety. Do you like __________ The problem with asking "do you like ?" questions, is that the response can be a simple yes or no. Try asking "What do you like about ___ ?" instead. It might not seem important when you're drafting a list of questions, but phrasing is actually key to getting the best answers for your video testimonials. Try to stick with asking questions that require more than one word, allowing them to expand on what they like best about your brand.

How to go about it the right way

Ask about specifics:
  • What problem were we able to solve for you?
  • How did our product/service save you time/money?
  • Why would you recommend our product/service?
There's no rule stating that video testimonials can only cover one aspect of your brand. Ask questions that get into the specifics of what you do best. Customer service is one area where a lot of brands can do more to highlight how great they are at taking care of their clients needs. If you have a successful, productive customer service interaction with a client, be sure to ask if they'd be willing to talk about in a testimonial. The majority of people are, and it's a great way to reassure viewers that you're a brand they want to work with. Consider which areas you're looking to highlight Is there a new feature you're rolling out, something that your brand wants clients and prospective clients to get excited about? Bring it up when your asking questions for video testimonials. On top of traditional advertising routes, it's awesome to have video that discusses the positives about your latest feature, circulating.

What a Video Interview Platform Can Do For You

Video Interview PlatformWith the right video interview platform, the long, expensive hiring process can be a thing of the past. We’ve witnessed the rise of video, including the growing appetite for everything from music videos to viral ads. We’re spending more and more of our time checking out video for a variety of reasons. It only makes sense that video would make its way into the hiring process, to make our lives easier, and also keep our budgets from imploding. Video can do all that and more, as it re-shapes what it means to interact with candidates and move toward a process that actually makes sense all around.
Saving time and money
From the moment a position opens up, a race begins to see how quickly it can be filled in order to cut down on the myriad of expenses that always seem to crop up. There’s a fine line, though, between quickly finding the right candidate for the job, and filling the position for the sake of filling it. The common mistake comes in with that rush to hire. The wrong candidate gets the job, and that can create numerous problems for your company, most of which could have been avoided by crafting a hiring process that makes sense. Luckily, with the help of a video interview platform, your results can fall in more of the former camp, rather than the later. There’s a lot that goes into making your hiring process efficient and effective. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error, and a lot of learning about how to get what you want without having to put a dent in your budget to do so. By bringing video into the hiring process, you can find the right candidate using the same process you would for in person interviews. With the added bonus of saving time and money. On top of that, you also have more and more options about how to conduct interviews. It’s easier than ever to play around with the process and figure out what works for you and your company. Video means you can record an initial question and have interested candidates film a response. Instead of flying candidates out and spending money on accommodations and other expenses, you can select the candidates you’re most interested in based on the response to that first question. On top of money, which is no small thing when you tally the cost of hiring someone, it’s also a time saver. Instead of having to arrange face-to-face meetings, which means figuring out sometimes hectic schedules, the entire process can be conducted comfortably from your respective devices. It’s also a bonus that you can share recorded answers from candidates with your team, without all the hassle. Imagine trying to find the time for your team to sit in on a handful of interviews, or more. With video, you can be bring everyone in on the decision making process in a way that makes sense. You can show them recordings and move forward after discussing, as a group, which candidate makes the most sense. Plenty of people still prefer meetings in person. They like making that initial connection, seeing the candidates in person in order to get a feel for how they’d fit in the company. The great thing is that video can still accomplish that. You can schedule face-to-face time to ask questions that get to the heart of what you’re looking for, and still observe and establish a more personal connection than a phone call can accomplish. It’s all a matter of being open to the possibility of what video can help you get done, and looking at your hiring process in a new way.

Video Interview Solutions Give the Hiring Process a Needed Change

Video Interview SolutionsIf you're looking for video interview solutions, you'll need to consider what your needs are, and how it'll make the hiring process easier on you. Rather than shelling out too much money and taking up valuable time, video can introduce you to potential candidates from the comfort of your office.
Video gives you options
Conducting live interviews: Live interviews allow you to chat just as you would in a face-to-face interview. This can give you a feel for the person you're speaking to and whether they have what it takes to join the team. The biggest difference is saving money by eliminating the cost of travel and lodging. You're still able to get to know the candidate and speak to one another live, and you can also record the interview so it can be shared with the rest of your team at a later time. Recorded responses: If you're looking to gather a sizable pool of candidates, one great option is to ask a set of questions and then allow candidates to record a video response. If you think of a handful of meaningful questions that get to the heart of what you're looking for, the responses you receive are going to be able to tell you a lot of what you need to know as you look for the perfect candidate. This process also makes it easier to determine who to eliminate before moving on to the next round of live interviews. These videos can also be looked over by your team, making it a convenient solution that's going to work for your busy schedules. Customization: When candidates check out your profile, you're going to want them to make an instant connection between the page and your brand. Your video interview solution should allow you to customize the page candidates are visiting so the colors, logo, and overall feel match up with your other locations online. If your page looks bland and doesn't stand out from the others, candidates aren't going to find you all that memorable, and you might miss out on great prospects! Following up: If you want to track how well video is being used in the hiring process, you're going to need to be able to check out analytics that can provide some insight. If you're new to using video for connecting with candidates, it's especially important that you can check in and see how things are going so you know how you can improve for the future.

What to Look for in a Video Interview Platform

Video Interview PlatformThe right video interview platform can really shake up the interview process - in the best way possible! Video has really streamlined how businesses, big and small, interview, making the process easier all around. Scheduling interviews is a nightmare. Corporations have their own hiring process, although it can still hemorrhage time and money. But small businesses, in particular, can face an even greater challenge due to tighter budget restraints. It's one thing if your candidate lives in the same city, but what if they're in another state, or across the world? The best solution is capturing interactions between you and candidates through a video interview platform. On your end, it means that not everyone involved in the hiring process has to sit down all at once to conduct an interview. You can pose questions to more than one candidate at a time, and have their responses recorded so your team can go over them together at a later time. It also means you aren't shelling out money to fly someone in, or losing money by having to take huge chunks of time out of your work day to meet with one candidate, let alone a slew of them. It's also appealing to your candidates. There are few things worse during a job hunt than showing up to an interview, after getting yourself ready and getting to the location, only to discover that you're not a match for the company you'd be working with. The idea of being able to do everything remotely, testing the waters before you commit time, energy, and money into a company has a big appeal. Interviewing with the help of video opens up a lot of opportunities that aren't possible with a traditional interview. It's important to have your needs nailed down before choose a video interview platform. If you're the one in charge of hiring, or it's happening in more of a team setting - understanding how what will make the entire thing easier is something worth thinking about so you make the right decision.