3 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for Restaurants

3 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for RestaurantsVideo testimonials are highly effective marketing tools, especially for restaurants. Most people choose restaurants based on recommendations. What better way to offer a recommendation than through video testimonials that let people hear about your customers’ experiences first-hand. Here are some video testimonial campaign ideas for restaurants to build brand awareness and drum up business:
1. Publish video testimonials on your website
One of the most important places to feature your testimonial is your website. You can add a single customer review video or an entire playlist on your "About Us" page or a "Make Reservations" page. Another approach is to build up an archive of testimonials about specific offerings, like catering services or special events. Invite customers to shoot short testimonials about their experience - reviews of the food, quality of service, ease of use, etc. Then feature them on your "Catering" or "Special events" pages to show visitors what they will get when they hire your restaurant for their special occasions.
2. Promote testimonials on social media
Do you have a social media presence? Great. Nearly 90 percent of marketers said their social media marketing efforts have helped them generate more exposure for their businesses, according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Share video testimonials on your social media accounts to build brand awareness about your restaurant and connect with your loyal customers. Post the video testimonials on your accounts to grab followers’ interest as they scroll through social media news feeds. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business to reach new audiences, such as:
  • Geographic-related tags: #Chicago, #Denver, #NYC
  • Tags for target demographics: #foodie, #foodlover, #localfood
  • Thematic tags: #sundayfunday, #brunch, #latenight, #dinnerdate
Because hashtags are searchable, people browsing through social media might stumble across your content, view your customer testimonials, become interested in your restaurant, and click-through to look at your menu.
3. Distribute testimonials through email campaigns
If you have an email database with customer addresses, you can create a campaign that features your video testimonials to promote new products (like a seasonal menu item or a happy hour special), or re-engage prospects who are interested in special services (catering, private parties, etc).
  • If you gather contact information through form submissions on a "Special Events" page, follow up with emails containing testimonials of clients talking about special events they had at your restaurant.
  • If you have a list of customers who requested more information about your catering services, send them testimonials of customers reviewing the food and service. Include a call to action telling them how to get pricing quotes.
  • If you have a general contact list, send emails of testimonials in which customers review menu items or limited-time offerings. You could even include a promotion that’s redeemable when they come in to try that time, as a way to track the ROI.
Merely mentioning "video" in the subject line of an email can have an incredible impact on the success of the marketing campaign, according to Syndacast. It increases open rates by 19 percent, reduces unsubscribes by 26 percent, and improves click-through rates by 65 percent. People like to be entertained and today's audience has a huge appetite for visual content. There are lots of ways restaurants can use video testimonials to make their online marketing more powerful. If you're interested in learning more, read our blog post about the 5 Best Practices for Producing Customer Testimonials that get results.