3 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for Nonprofits

3 Video Testimonial Campaign Ideas for NonprofitsWhen it comes to fundraising, video is a great tool for connecting with donors and potential donors, and for driving behavior changes. Video can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring people to take specific actions. Testimonials for clients, executives at partner nonprofits, community leaders or families the organization helped are powerful fundraising tools. The logic is clear then - testimonial videos are a must-have for any nonprofit that can secure the resources to make and edit videos. So what are some video testimonial campaign ideas for nonprofits? Testimonial videos can include many other types of content and can present one or more testimonials in many ways:
  1. Video Statements - Point the camera at one or more beneficiaries of your services and record.
  2. Interviews - Similar to above, but involving a conversation with a staff member. Have an interviewer there or just show the question on-screen then show the answer.
  3. Case Studies - Present the person or organization, the problem, and how your organization helped to solve the problem or improve the situation.
Consider integrating testimonials, short ones or detailed ones, into other video content. You could follow advice from Nonprofit Hub and make 'call-to-attention' videos that highlight the problem you want to solve and how you approach it. Testimonials fit perfectly in this category. A 'thank you' video once or twice a year is a great idea, especially when you can fit a short testimonial into it. Now you know of two ways to use testimonials in a video campaign, and three ways to organize a testimonial video. Use those two pieces of information to plan and execute a video campaign that generates support, donations and change.