Funny Video Contest Ideas From 2013 And What We Can Learn From Them

We have highlights from 2013’s funniest video contests. Whether the content focuses on adorable babies or mischievous animals, these videos can have big impact on brand marketing thanks to the sharability factor.  Internet users spend a lot of time viewing video content, which is great news for your contest efforts. All you need is the right idea, something with sharability and widespread appeal, and you’re looking at a successful contest. Here are 3 of the funniest video contests of 2013 and what they got right.

First up: Purina Friskies search for the cutest cats

Purina Friskies hosted their 2013 video contest, calling for submissions of cats doing what they do best - being quirky and getting themselves into humorous or adventurous situations that we can laugh at and share with our friends. Contest categories broke down as follows: 1. CAT COMEDY: capture a cat (or multiple cats) in a humorous situation 2. RESCUE CAT: capture a cat (or multiple cats) adopted from a rescue group or shelter enjoying life 3. CATVENTURE: capture a cat (or multiple cats) on an indoor adventure 4. PURSUIT OF FOOD/TREAT: capture a cat (or multiple cats) pursuing or engaging with their cat food/treat Purina offered a variety of prizes ranging from a trip to NYC and $5000, to coupons for up to a year in food. The appeal of a contest like Purina’s is fairly obvious. The internet loves animals, especially if it means watching them do silly things that we can share through social media. On top of that, the prizes were a great incentive to draw people in and up the involvement.

Next we have a video submission sent into looking for the cutest baby

This contest from asked parents to send in submissions of their babies being funny. No question that this contest included the kind of appeal that’s needed to get the marketing effort off the ground. Pets are wildly popular in terms of sharing on social media, but cute or funny babies also do very well for obvious reasons! The grand prize winner was offered a $500 gift certificate to Babies ‘R Us. The contest had massive appeal to parents, and even got viewers in on the fun by asking them to rank the funniest babies through the voting process.

Finally we have a contest looking for the funniest horses, from’s Funniest Horse Video Contest offers a similar appeal as Purina’s. They asked for funny videos of horses and asked that viewers get in on the judging by filling out information about themselves, including their email address. was able to get viewers in on the fun, promising them a reward for acting as judges. It was also an effective marketing tactic, asking for their email address with the understanding that the potential for a reward was enough of an incentive. The key to the success of video contests that aim to tickle viewer’s funny bones is the sharability factor. Horses, babies, and cats might not have much in common, but if you’re receiving content that will pique interest and get your viewers to laugh, they’ll be more likely to follow and participate in the contest.