Hassle-Free Video Contest Requirements

Video Contest RequirementsCreating clear and upfront video contest requirements will make for a smooth campaign experience. It'll also mean that the work you're doing behind the scenes will be easier. Organization won't be so stressful when you're running a campaign where the rules and requirements are known from the start and clearly communicated to entrants. For anyone who is just starting out with video marketing, it can be a challenge to know what requirements should be put in place. What'll work best for you and your contest ultimately boils down to knowing what you're looking to achieve.
Receiving video that represents your brand
Your requirements are going to come in handy in terms of allowing entrants to know upfront about the kind of video you're looking for. Plenty of brands are attempting to shape a marketing strategy that makes their brand look edgy. There's nothing wrong with  crafting a strategy that matches your brand and audience, but in the case of a lot of small businesses - edgy content isn't something that'll go over well. A lot of us realize that using edgy, often not safe for work content can attract attention, but have very little follow through when we're talking about actual engagement or brand loyalty. Which is why it's great for you to be clear about what your brand is looking for. It's okay to lay out requirements against cursing and other adult content because it means you have a handle on what would turn your viewers off of your content. Other considerations:
Placing a time limit
so you're receiving video that meets your needs. Whether it's short or on the longer side, you should be in control of content length.
Clear entry cutoff
can cut down on confusion about deadlines. Entrants don't usually have a favorable opinion of contests that make them feel tricked about deadlines or other requirements. Stay one step ahead of that problem by keeping reminders about dates and times in your posts.
How video will be used
for future marketing or whatever else you have in mind, is something that should be communicated with entrants. That way, the legal end of things is on the up and up and they're aware about how you may use whatever they put together.