Holiday Video Contest Ideas That Will Engage Your Following

Holiday video contest ideas In case you're a little low on creativity, we have holiday video contest ideas that'll get you started. We already discussed how to run a successful video contest, but if you don't have an engaging idea - your efforts won't mean that much. Consider thinking outside the box. Keep your following in mind and the demographic you're aiming to engage when you start brainstorming ideas. Maybe you're looking for an idea that'll appeal to a wide audience, or maybe your business mostly attracts a younger crowd. Whatever the case, be sure to keep them in mind while you're planning. Here are some ideas to get you started! 1. Ugliest sweater Ugly holiday-themed articles of clothing are a go-to, popular holiday trend. People love dressing up, striking a goofy pose, and showing off ugly sweaters. In fact, it sounds silly, but people often prepare for ugly sweater parties by checking thrift shops or the local mall for an atrocious sweater that will top other party goers. For this idea, you can ask your following to take a quick video showing off the ugliest holiday sweater they can find. It's a silly, festive idea and it won't take a lot of time to capture the video and post their entry. You can also get everyone else in on the fun by asking them to vote for the ugliest sweater. 2. Favorite holiday jingle Sometimes it's that song that's constantly on repeat on all the radio stations once Thanksgiving hits. Or the jingle for a popular holiday ad. Whatever the case may be, ask entrants to submit a video where they sing their favorite jingle. Make sure you're clear on what you'd like to see in submissions. Are group submissions allowed? Can they use music to sing along to, or do they have to go solo? Anticipate questions like these ahead of time so you don't have to scramble to clear up any misconceptions. 3. Favorite holiday movie Whether it's Die Hard (it takes place around Christmas, it counts!) or an animated classic, you can have a lot of fun with this idea. Maybe entrants need to re-enact a famous scene, or pitch why their favorite holiday movie is the best. Like our other holiday ideas, this one can be adjusted. Don't be afraid to take an idea that might seem simple or generic and really build off of it to make it your own! 4. Best family holiday video Everyone has one of these. Whether it's of the dog grabbing what was supposed to be Thanksgiving dinner, or video that shows the littlest member of the family peeking out from beneath a mound of wrapping paper after gifts have been opened. This one is a fresh, wide open idea. You can go with "funniest" holiday video. These will encompass the oops moments that are prone to happen when family and friends get together. You can also go another route and ask for heartwarming holiday videos. This could include video of a service member returning home to their family for the holidays, or other special family moments that have been captured on video. Set up the criteria so it's clear what you're asking for. Best holiday video is a general starting point for a holiday video contest. From there, it's simply a matter of fleshing out what you're looking for in terms of entries. 5. Pet seasonal style This idea has the potential for a whole lot of cute! People love getting their pets involved in the holidays. There are pet Santa costumes, as well as reindeer and mistletoe attachments - the possibilities for pets during the holidays is endless. If you think your following would be up for the challenge, you could even specify that you're looking for the most creative homemade pet costume. That adds a whole new challenge to the contest, and could really get people motivated to compete and show off their skills! Whatever you decide to do for your holiday video contest, make sure it's engaging. You can always look to see what your competitors are doing for the holidays, but ultimately, you want to do something that's unique to the interests of your following and will make your business stand apart!