How Formstack's Conversion Report Can Help Boost Video Contest Conversion Rates

Formstack recently released the The Form Conversion Report, which thoroughly reviewed form submission data across their platform.  As an added bonus, we were able use this data to gather some valuable insights into increasing video contest conversion rates.
Which component is key for engaging your audience and boosting conversions?
Formstack's Conversion Report 2014According to Formstack's report, email marketing is still a top channel for reaching and engaging your audience. In fact, 61% of Formstack customers say that email was responsible for driving the most traffic to their forms, which shows that email has more power than we might give it credit for.
What this means for you
Rather than retiring email as a means to promote your video contest, Formstack's report has cemented the importance of using it to communicate effectively and drive involvement. Think about it.  How are you currently reaching your audience? We know that leveraging social media is a popular way to provide exposure to your video contest campaign.  But in the process of posting and tweeting, have you left email behind? The best way to get positive results is to pay attention to the channels which enable you to communicate effectively and reach your audience.  In this case, email has come out on top.
Timing is everything
So you're trying to promote your video contest to a select group of participants.  But when's the most opportune time to engage them? According to Formstack, activity for contest submissions is highest between 1-3PM, with a brief window at 8PM: Formstack's Conversion Report
Mobile is a must
Formstack's Form Conversion ReportFormstack also found that smartphone users are reaching for their device around 150 times a day. Contests that aren't mobile-friendly are missing out on a huge group of people who could be participating if they had the opportunity to do so. The takeway?  Use video contest software that's mobile-friendly!
And don't forget...
Be sure to get to know your audience. Understand when they're most responsive and what they respond well to. Make a habit of checking the analytics behind your video contest, so you know when your emails and other posts are having the most impact. Thanks to Formstack, we have a better idea of how we can successfully reach our audience to increase conversions.