How Long Should Video Testimonials Be?

How Long Should Video Testimonials Be?As more businesses begin utilizing video testimonials, many are asking how long the content should be. We've provided some great tips to get you started so you will receive the kind of content that will do the most for your business. But the question of how long each video should be still comes up, probably because there are several different ways to identify how long your video can or should be, versus when viewers will tune out. Content length can mean the difference between seeing an increase in conversions or having viewers navigate away from your page. Above all else, it's important to keep in mind where potential clients are in the buying process when they're viewing the testimonial. Each stage represents different questions and concerns from the viewer, meaning you can have some wiggle room with the length of each video testimonial. Here's how it breaks down... Introducing the audience to your business These are the videos that will introduce the world to your business. They should be relatively short. There's no need to go over the 30 second mark and go into great detail at the introduction stage. The purpose of the video is to let your target audience know that your business exists and what it can do for them. This content should be a tool in developing a connection with your viewer. Intro testimonials will usually go on the main page of your website or blog and should feature someone who is friendly and engaging to discuss what your business is all about. Catching their interest Now that you've introduced your business, it's okay to go into more detail. You can use testimonials that explain how you were able to assist your client, or what need you met. It's your chance to let someone else brag about your business while being honest and informative. At this stage, would-be clients are looking to know more about what you do. Keeping video at, or under, 45 seconds is ideal. As videos get longer, it's even more important to recognize whether or not viewers will remain engaged by what's being discussed in the video. Look critically at testimonials you plan to use and ask yourself if they would keep you interested in your business. Decision making process By this point, you can use testimonials that are longer, but you still don't want content that's longer than it needs to be. In all three stages it's best to use video testimonials that address where you viewers are in the buying process, without losing their attention. This stage represents the point where your lead is most interested in what you do. They are more willing to look at longer content to satisfy any last-minute questions or concerns they might have. These videos will do best on the page where customers are signing up for a service or clicking through to make a purchase. Video testimonials will work best for your business when you keep the viewer in mind at all times. Remember, it's not as simple as asking for testimonials that will make your business look good. You'll have plenty of time to display content that will talk up what you do. Consumers aren't known for having great attention spans, so the trick is asking for and receiving content that gets straight to the heart of what you do while keeping them engaged.