How To Maximize Your Video Contest Promotion

Video Contest PromotionYou've taken an awesome idea and turned it into a video contest promotion that will engage your fans and promote all the best aspects of your brand. Now it's time to tell everyone how great the contest is going to be. Here's how to maximize video contest promotion:

Zero in on where your audience hangs out

A lot of our focus can go to figuring out how we can solidify our presence on The Next Big Platform, which is great when we’re looking down the road at our marketing strategy and how it will evolve. But there’s a certain risk involved when we try to keep up our presence on mainstream social media platforms for the sake of having a presence there. We know major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus can do well in terms of reaching and growing our audience, and it's important to check out the online platforms where our following and prospective followers could be hanging out in the future, but what if we're missing something in the meantime? When it comes time to promote your contest, look at where your reach will have the most impact, while hitting the sites where your brand's presence is the strongest. If you have a strong presence on Twitter, come up with a strategy that will play up that strength instead of panicking about other sites where your audience isn't hanging out.

Include friendly reminders

No one likes reminders and updates that feel like spam. Start by personally contacting loyal followers to get the word out. From there, make your announcement an exciting one. Create a blog post that you can share across social media, getting people ready for the contest. Plan several reminders up until the contest begins, growing more frequent until kickoff. Schedule updates for each social media site and follow up with blog posts that talk more in-depth about the contest and prize. Including one reminder every so often won’t do much to advertise what you’re up to. You’ll need to consistently space out and plan reminders in order to keep the contest at the forefront of their attention.

Creative ways to advertise

There are plenty of ways you can get creative with promoting your contest. Your first concern should be raising initial awareness. That involves scheduling Tweets, posts, and producing blog content that is shareable and will get the word out. The second wave of promoting should have next to nothing to do with you. Plenty of contests include tweet to enter or share to enter features thanks to Twitter and Facebook. This is a simple but very important way to get word out about your contest. If you’re not careful, the first round of promotion, with posts and Tweets calling attention to your campaign, could start to feel like spam, causing followers to tune out. Keep them tuned in by using a Tweet to enter feature that will eliminate the spam factor while still bringing your campaign to the attention of friends and family.