How To Promote A Video Contest: 5 Tips To Get Going In The Right Direction

How To Promote A Video Contest

Video contests are a great way to engage your followers - they keep people interested in what you’re up to while providing an opportunity to attract new leads. And with the right planning and organization, you can maximize the effectiveness of your contest.

But how do you promote a video contest, and where do you start? Try using these helpful tips to get going in the right direction...

1. Create a contest page with clear instructions

It might seem like a no-brainer, but a dedicated page can make or break your video contest. Also, make sure you provide your audience with clear and well-written instructions. Don't turn away potential submissions by creating difficult and complex instructions. By requiring your participants to jump through too many hoops, they’ll lose interest quickly.

2. Advertise the contest on your website

Yep, another no-brainer. But you’d be surprised how many businesses fail to tap into their most powerful channel – their website. You can draw in more participants by displaying a simple button or link at the top of each page on your website. Or better yet, display a static call-to-action banner (we recommend trying the Hello Bar). Don’t forget to leverage your blog as a potential channel, too.

3. Advertise the contest through your social media channels

Twitter and Facebook are perfect channels for getting the word out. Likes, shares, and re-tweets will help you reach more people. And with more people checking out your new initiative, more and more interest will be generated as a result.

4. Announce your contest at least 2 weeks in advance

There is always that temptation to give people too much time to enter your contest. After all, you would think that allowing more time would increase the number of people who get involved. In reality, promoting your contest more than 2 weeks in advance may actually harm your cause. Thinking they have enough time, a certain number of your contestants will never remember the opportunity and you'll wind up with a lower number of total entries.

5. Email your newsletter subscribers

Take the time to reach out to the people who have expressed interest in your business. The people who have already opted in to your email newsletter list are perfect candidates. You can generate interest by letting them know what you’re looking for (content, length, etc.) and what you're offering. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Of course it's meant to benefit your business - but you’ll only accomplish that if your also enjoying what you're doing. Make it an experience that you and your followers will want to repeat!