How To Run A Successful Online Video Contest

How To Run A Successful Online Video Contest Ask our customers and they'll tell you it's quite simple to launch a video contest. In fact, setting up your account and embedding the contest widget on your website or social media site takes less than 5 minutes. But running a successful online video contest is a different story. We've seen hundreds of video contest campaigns. Some succeed; others don't. Of those that do well, we've found a few things in common that contribute to getting great results. Let's be clear, though. Running a successful video contest depends on many, many variables. And although this won't give you insight into everything you'll need to do, it's certainly enough to get your initiative heading in the right direction: Be Clear & Concise Tweet Don't ask for too much, and keep instructions simple. By providing your audience with a simple and clear direction, you'll get more accurate video submissions in return. Simplify Prizes & Giveaways Tweet Confuse 'em and lose 'em. Some video contests offer dozens of prizes. Not a good idea. Choose approximately 3 prizes that are clearly defined and easy to understand. Remember, incentives mean everything when you're trying to get your audience to participate. Be Smart With Campaign Deadlines Tweet Don't give your audience too much time. By creating a contest where submissions aren't due for 90 days, there's no sense of urgency. And making the deadline in 48 hours may not give your audience enough time to get creative. Most successful contests run anywhere from as short as 1 week to as long as 30 days. Share The Opportunity To Participate Tweet Any decent video contest platform should provide you with the name and email address of your participants. Shortly after someone participates, send them an email and ask them to share the contest across their networks. This way, their connections have the opportunity to vote for the video - and as an added bonus, you'll most likely receive more submissions to boot. Be Social When Announcing The Contest Winner(s) Tweet Stretch your content as far as possible. You can start by publishing a blog entry that announces the winners and streams their video contest entries. Share this new blog page on all your social networks and maximize your exposure. If you're already using Bravo, be sure to check out our video contest best practices guide in the Support Center. And if you haven't signed up yet, don't forget to take advantage of our 30-day free trial. Best of luck with out there - now go capture some great video!