3 More Powerful Ideas For Engaging Video Testimonial Contests

3 More Powerful Ideas For Engaging Video Testimonial ContestsNot too long ago, we offered up some pretty great ideas for how to create the most effective contests for video testimonials.  While your competitors may be spending money in bringing real customers or hired actors to a studio, your customers will be practically tripping over themselves to give you free, honest, powerful testimonials! The possibilities for this marketing strategy really are endless, and so we'd like to offer a few more helpful tips for creating stellar video testimonial contests.
1. Offer more than one prize for different metrics
Nothing inspires people to participate more than feeling like they really have a chance to win. And, as we said before, these customers already love your product! No need to give out a year's supply; just a single unit will suffice for a prize. As such, you can give out more than one reward without putting a dent in the budget. Try offering a prize for the most votes, the most views, and maybe even a "company choice" prize for the video which you thought was the best, regardless of views or votes.
2.  Pit your own products against each other
If you have similar lines of products, create a false competition between the two. Competition is attractive, and it's all the better when you control both sides. You can even get goofy with it, like the famous "Mike vs. Ike" or "Left Twix vs. Right Twix" ad campaigns. See which of your products gets more testimonials, more votes, more views. This also provides a whole ton of free market and demographic data.
3. Make the contest seasonal
Most companies have different times of the year when they are most profitable. Your contest can amplify an already popular season with, say, a Christmas theme. Or you can use it to bolster a time when sales are weaker, like Christmas in July. Encourage the users to wear a Halloween costume for the video, or tell a story of how your product made their summer great. These kinds of details can make the contest stand out from other marketing exercises, increasing engagement. Try one or more of these ideas, and see how it works out for you. Get your own, unique video testimonial contest started up today!