Realtor Video Testimonials: 3 Example Questions To Ask Your Clients

Realtor Video TestimonialsClients comment on your extensive knowledge, viewing your background and experience as an asset. You've become an expert at anticipating and then exceeding their needs. Your team is committed to ensuring that each client finds the right home for them. These factors all impact the decision making process when a prospective client is in the market for a realtor. You know you have what it takes to help, but do they? When you talk about how great you are, it's considered bragging. It can be off-putting to prospective clients and lack the reassurance they need to make the decision to work with you. If word isn't getting out about how great you are at what you do, there is an easy, cost-effective way to remedy that. It's as simple as enlisting the help of satisfied clients to discuss what you do best in the form of video testimonials. Here's how to get started... It makes sense to ask for a testimonial when your client is satisfied with the service you provided, or after they have sought out your services a second time. They will be able to easily reflect and comment on what you do best, or how you were able to handle a unique set of circumstances. By this time, you'll have developed a working relationship with them. You've communicated extensively and have gotten to know them in a way that will lend itself to asking if they'd be willing to film a testimonial. It's up to them to decide if they'd like to shoot one, but most clients are more than willing to go out of their way to help if they're happy with your services. Questions to ask.. The best video testimonials are short, simple, and to the point. It's always best to have your questions in mind before filming, to avoid rambling responses. Stick to the information you need. You can start with a simple set of questions, listed below.
  • Can you tell us a little about yourself? Providing background information is essential for testimonials. The whole point of asking clients to speak about what you do best, is showing someone who prospective clients will be able to listen and relate to. Your can also establish the area where the house-hunt took place, which will frame you as an expert in that area.
  • What challenges did we help you overcome? The challenges that come with house hunting are never-ending. From bad credit to a less-than-stellar home inspection, it's great to show that you have each clients interests at heart by hearing about how you tackled these issues.
  • What would you say to someone who was hesitant about using our services? This is an excellent question because it addresses the doubt that prospective clients face when making decisions about who they'd like to work with. It's natural to question how they're going to be spending their time and money, and hearing from a satisfied client will ease that fear.
The questions listed above are a great jumping off point, as you begin asking for and collecting testimonials. From there, you'll get savvier and can tweak your questions depending on the client and their experience with your company. Keep in mind..

Before displaying feedback, whether it's written or in the form of a video testimonial, always ask permission. Some companies prefer to go ahead and use testimonials without explicitly asking for permission. This isn't something you want to make a habit of. Chances are, clients won't have a problem with you using their feedback, but you won't know for sure until you ask. Don't risk burning bridges with a happy client by using video of them without permission.

It's time to let video testimonials do what you can't for your company. Get with your clients when they're pleased and most likely to film a short testimonial. They'll be more than happy to do a little bragging about what your company has done for them and it's time to let them!