Rough start? Our Video Contest Tips To Get Your Campaign Back On Track

Video Contest TipsHas your contest gotten off to a rough start? You'll need some video contest tips to get it back on track. First, realize that every campaign has its own bumps along the way. No matter how much planning, little things here and there can always go a little differently than we plan. And that's okay. If you're known for having a sharp eye for detail, and staying on top of those little things, this can sound bizarre. It's okay? But I want a perfect campaign! The secret is that your campaign can still be perfect, still garner the results you're looking for, regardless of what's happening behind the scenes.

Keep calm and figure out what's happening

What exactly is going wrong? Is it a budget issue, or an advertising blunder? If you don't know exactly what's causing the problem, you won't be able to take the steps to solve it. Start by gathering your team. Have a frank discussion about the status of the contest, which will give you a good idea about how everyone else is feeling, and who might not be keeping up with what's been happening. In the process of figuring out what's going wrong, it's also a good idea to know who makes it a priority to remain invested in the contest, as opposed to someone who tunes out, and might not be pulling their weight.

Be careful not to make changes too soon

Calling all detail-oriented folks! Sometimes we have a hard time seeing beyond what's happening immediately. Maybe your numbers aren't where you, or more frighteningly, your boss, would like them to be. There are a host of big and small things that could go wrong at the start of the campaign that could potentially make you feel a little frayed around the edges. The trick is to hang in there. In a lot of cases, you haven't actually done anything wrong, which would warrant altering your campaign. Most of the time it's a matter of settling in and watching cautiously as your planning and hard work begins yielding results. Don't make the mistake of changing things up too soon due to nerves.

Don't scrap the contest!

Deliver on what you promise. If your turnout isn't what you were aiming for, or any number of details don't pan out the way you were looking for them to, the solution is not to scrap the contest. Not delivering on what you've promised won't sit well with those who did take the time to enter your contest and show an active interest. It could turn them off of future campaigns, and that's a good way to make your turnout even lower next time.

Learn for next time

Each video contest has its own unique set of challenges and hurdles you have to clear. The key is to devote yourself to constantly learning and taking in what you can do better. That way, you'll be ready to face down a similar problem in the future and keep your cool!