Taking Your Video Contest Promotion From Good to Great

Video Contest PromotionTaking your video contest promotion from good to great has a lot to do with preparation. Any campaign that's going to turn out well requires in-depth knowledge of your audience, including how you're going to reach out to them, and the best way to go about it.
Figuring out your audience
Knowing your audience requires more than the basics. It's great if you know gender, age, and so on. But, more importantly, where do they spend their time? We know how powerful social media can be in driving conversation about our brand and our latest campaigns, but there's something to be said about taking the time to figure out which platforms will do the most for your campaign, rather than using all of them and hoping something sticks. Having a basic understanding of where your audience will be, and what keeps them there is key for pulling off successful promotion. Whether it's Facebook or a smaller, up-and-coming site, you should be keeping up so you can have a better understanding of who you're appealing to.
Savvy promotion
Once you have a better understanding of the audience you're shooting to connect with, how you go about it should be the next thing on your mind. A lot of time, brands lose their audience by either going overboard with posts and notifications about their contest, rather than posting too little. Both can have negative impacts of your contest, mostly resulting in low turn-out. The important thing is to find a balance. Once you locate which websites, platforms, and offline means of marketing you're going to use to get the word out about your contest, it's up to you to determine that balance between too much and too little advertising. As a rule of thumb, avoid posting huge walls of text that bore your readers, or spamming their timelines with advertisements about the contest. Instead, plan updates for strategic times, such as when you're most likely to have high traffic online, times when interaction has been great in the past.
The takeaway
Successful video contest promotion really boils down to committing to grow and learn. Whether it's learning more about your audience or improving your means of communication, there's nothing more powerful to your campaign efforts than having a team of people willing to push themselves to achieve new, great things.