The Anatomy Of A Great Video Contest For High School Students

Video Contest For High School StudentsA great video contest for high school students requires a few important elements. It takes some consideration outside what will interest a younger crowd. First up, getting parents on board.

What are parents okay with?

When we talk about creating a campaign for teens, it's vital to consider what will get them interested. What topics will they find engaging? If it's not something they'd want to explore, your contest could have a way lower turn-out than you're hoping for. It's obviously important to consider what will appeal to teens, but not at the expense of forgetting what their parents will be on board with. Some of your contest entrants will probably be eighteen, especially if they're high school seniors. Even if they are legal adults, parents can still have the final say about what they get involved with.
Before you try to build a campaign around subject matter that might appeal to teens and turn parents off of your brand, consider going with something that will appeal to both.
Parents like seeing their teens engaged in something educational. Many contents ask teens to talk about their health and safety with videos about dangerous driving, or anti-drug campaigns. And despite the bad rap teens get for being anti-anything educational, they'll get involved if you make it interesting enough and provide a cool prize as incentive.

Prizes that entrants will love

In terms of incentive and appeal, cash is a pretty big one. Cash prizes appeal to any age group, but it's also great for high school students who are putting money aside for college. Going back to getting parents on board, it also makes sense on that front. I don't know many parents who are going to turn down the chance for their college-bound teen to get creative and make some money while they're at it. If you can promote your contest as an opportunity for cash, or a scholarship of some kind, you'll generate more interest than if you offer something that really doesn't fit your age group. It's an added bonus if you're a small business looking to drive more engagement within your community. There are plenty of businesses that make their contest a yearly thing, something for students to look out for as the end of the school term approaches. There's no reason your business couldn't be one of them!

The takeaway

A great video contest for high school students is one that's engaging, educational, and offers a great prize. It can be a great way to strengthen involvement in your community, and it's more likely to get the green light from parents if it's friendly for all ages.