The Best Video Contests For Teenagers

Video Contests For TeenagersHow do you make sure your contest is reaching out to a younger crowd? The best video contests for teenagers speak to their interests, or offer a prize that does. That doesn't mean you need to throw energy drinks and memes at them in a bid to appear relateable and gain their attention. We get that not all businesses will appeal to teens, so it's up to you to create a video contest that does. With the right elements, you can make sure your contest draws in the crowd you're aiming to reach. Check out a few of the known hits with teens to get some ideas brewing. Not surprisingly, contests that provide cash or scholarship opportunities tend to do well with teenagers. They're willing to get creative to earn extra money for college expenses, provided you give them a great idea to jump start that creativity. Whether it's for the White House or a small business, it's a great opportunity on both ends. Connecting with a younger following can be difficult if your product or business doesn't naturally lend itself to attracting that demographic.We know that teens spend a great deal of time on social network, but that doesn't ensure that you're reaching them. Your business may be reaching peers or a specific demographic, but with the right contest idea you can easily expand that demographic. Teens don't usually run out to endorse the marketing efforts of law firms, car dealerships, and small businesses. But they do spend a lot of their time consuming video. Which is why contests that make it more about them, their interests, do well. As far as prizes go, cash is universal. Its strength lies in the fact that it doesn't appeal only to a niche audience. Instead, people of all ages, depending on the nature of the contest, are likely to enter. Another popular contest idea for teens are ones that bring awareness to issues that impact them. A good example of this is Bridgestone's Teens Drive Smart. The contest aims to highlight the high number of auto fatalities that claim the lives of teens. The subject matter isn't lighthearted, but it's an important conversation, and the winners receive scholarship money. Other topics range from the dangers of underage drinking to video contests that promote environmentally friendly living. Contest ideas should use the creativity of younger generations to your advantage. With the right prompt, teens are able to use technology at their disposal to create amazing video. It's all a matter of knowing how to reach them.