Tips for Creating a Customer Success Story Template

Customer Success Story TemplateWhat's at the heart of a customer success story?
Creating a customer success story template is an important marketing tool for any business. Customer success stories detail the experience of one customer. They can touch on the challenges that your product/service can solve, while addressing any concerns that might come up, including budget and time. Done correctly, it'll provide a glimpse at what customers can come to expect when they make the decision to work with you. Which is why it's important to work closely with your customer on this. Using their story effectively means getting the details right which will further promote credibility. If you take shortcuts, meaning the story isn't true, it isn't going to sound true, which won't do you any favors with prospective customers.
What your template needs
The best way to make sure you're including everything you need in your template, is to adopt a storytelling method. So, what makes a good story?
The problem
The problem is pretty central to any customer success story. Without it, what's driving them to work with you? This part of your story begins with your customer facing a situation in which they're facing a problem, or unsatisfied with other solutions they've tried.
The theme is the central point that runs through the success story. It should be part of the narrative to suggest other options presented to your customer and why they didn't work out, and why their final choice was the right one.
The solution provides an opportunity to go into detail. Since it's a success story, we know that things worked out in the end. But how did the customer get there? Include details about features that helped them reach the solution, giving you the chance to highlight features and other aspects you want potential clients to know about.
Explain how the outcome benefited the customer. You can include unplanned benefits that were a surprise and delight to the customer, while re-iterating what it was that pleased them about working with you. An effective customer success story takes the reader through the problem, finding a solution, and explaining the results in a way that reach out to potential customers, letting them know that you offer just the thing to handle the problem they're facing. The great thing about them is that they can be shown off anywhere. Success stories make an excellent addition to your site, marketing material, and wherever else you think they'll be effective in getting the word out about what you have to offer.