Tips To Make You Better At Video Real Estate Marketing

Video Real Estate MarketingToday we're talking real estate. Specifically, tips to make you better at video real estate marketing. If your current marketing strategy doesn't include video, there's a good chance you're due for an upgrade. Video marketing has the potential to establish important connections with prospective clients. It establishes trust and also does more to get your name out there with improved search engine ranking. With all of these factors motivating you to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, we have some tips about how to go about it.

A chance to introduce yourself

Providing a glimpse of who you are and where you do your work is invaluable. It's important to set yourself apart, considering the number of agents in any given city. Video allows prospective clients to put a face to a name before they've even met you.


Testimonial campaigns are another way for you to reach out for that vital connection with viewers. Instead of listening to you talk about how great you are at what you do, allow happy clients to do it for you. It's as easy as coming up with a few quick questions, asking your clients if they'd like to get involved, and then embedding the video on your site for prospective clients to check out. Testimonials are a proven way to establish credibility. As if that wasn't enough incentive, they're also known for being short and a little rough around the edges. Which means no one is expecting glamorous, flashy content that will put a hefty dent in your budget. You can accomplish great things with testimonials that are simple and to the point, no glamour required.

Staying relevant

In addition to introducing yourself and putting testimonials out there to convey how great you are at what you do, it's important to remain relevant. Once the house hunt is over, you can keep satisfied clients coming back to view videos where you discuss tips for around the home, what to look for during their next house hunt, and any other news or info relevant to the industry. You don't have to produce a video each day, or set expectations that make you feel a time crunch. Consider putting up a video once a week, or once every two weeks on your blog to discuss topics that will keep clients tuned in to what you have to say, and drawing in new clients who'll be impressed by your knowledge. The great thing about your video marketing efforts is that you can adjust them to suit the time you want to put into it. Consider the strategy you're using now and whether it's doing enough for you and what you'd like to accomplish. Challenge yourself to infuse more creativity, more person-to-person connection by reaching out to prospective clients with video.