Video Contest Judging Criteria: 3 Popular Things To Look For

Video Contest Judging CriteriaVideo contest judging criteria can make or break a contest. If you aren't clear about what you're looking for, people are less likely to enter, leaving you with a small pool of confused entrants. Be upfront about what you want to see, so people can deliver. Here are 3 popular starting points for your video contest judging criteria:

Meets basic contest objective

At the risk of being too broad, let's narrow this point. Every contest has a basic objective, right? Entrants are asked to focus on an idea, or theme. There's some wiggle room on the execution and interpretation, but the theme is something that should link all the entries together, overall. If your contest is asking people to focus on a beloved holiday tradition, and their video response discusses something totally out of left field, it's obviously missing the mark! It's totally valid to designate a portion of the judging criteria to whether or not entries meet the objective. If a video doesn't mesh with the objective of the other videos, or lacks the coherency that establishes a clear meaning, this is the area where they'd lose points for it.


Content is another broad category, but it plays a huge part in judging, so here's how you can break it down: Creativity: Are you going to reward entries that think outside the box? Would you rather they be straightforward, with content that's to the point? Make it clear what you're shooting for, and if risk will be rewarded. Most contest judging criteria has tiers, such as a 1-5 point system that gives a 5 for exceptional creativity, and 1 for a lack of originality. Entrants will appreciate you being upfront about how you plan to score them, so they have an idea what a winning video will look like. Production: Depending on the kind of contest you're hosting, and the crowd you're catering to, production can have a lot to do with judging criteria. Quality of video, including lighting, sound and other basics can all factor into selecting a winner. If you're asking for longer video content, you can even look at how smooth transitions are, and whether the editing compliments the flow of content.

The little details

Minimum and max time limits, adult content - what will disqualify entries immediately? It's so important to be clear in order to eliminate confusion about what is and isn't acceptable, or what you're looking for from the video contest. You would think some things would be common sense, but you always want to cover your bases just in case. Include these details as a reminder, and to prevent anyone coming away from the contest with bad feelings because they believe their submission was rejected unfairly.