Video Contest Landing Page Best Practices

Video contest landing page If you've never used a video contest landing page, or haven't had much success using one, it's time to get you up to speed! In terms of your contest, the landing page can be used for your following to submit an entry or get the word out about the contest, with the use of social media. Traditionally, landing pages are proven powerhouses in turning leads into conversions. The key is knowing how to create one that will appeal to visitors and keep them from clicking away. The same is true when you're creating a landing page for your video contest. If you're unsure about how to set up a landing page and achieve the best results, we have plenty of tips for you.

Keep your focus clear

There is nothing worse than sending your visitors to a page that lacks focus and clarity. Before you launch your landing page, you'll need to sit down with your team and plot out exactly what needs to be on the page. This includes what needs to be stated and how you want to state it. Pay close attention to the language you're using and make sure it's concise and accessible for your average visitor. It sounds like a no-brainer but it's easily the most important aspect of your page. Without a clear call to action, you risk sending away visitors who are expressing interest in your brand. Avoid any confusion by being unclear or delivering a muddled message.

Further brand messaging

Color scheme and typography might not be high on your list on priorities, but you should design your landing page so it flows smoothly with your other pages. Make aesthetic choices that show a clear connection to your brand. Also, take your time when choosing your layout. It might seem like a trivial decision, but visitors pay attention to formatting. Get rid of visual clutter and put emphasis on what's important. It's not enough to provide the information and have visitors follow thought. Make sure your visuals serve to guide them through the process instead of detracting from it.

Showcase value

Now is the time to reveal the value that comes with your visitors providing you with their information. As a general rule, visitors get scared off by being asked to provide too much info. Don't ask for more than you need. Make the process quick and easy. Nothing turns visitors off faster than having to fill our multiple pages of info. Keep in mind that, at this point, the value needs to exceed your visitors discomfort with providing their info. If the incentive isn't great enough, they'll click elsewhere.

Privacy assurance

Put visitors at ease by including links to a privacy statement. Many visitors fear that providing you with their email will result in a constant slew of messages. If they're entering their info, there's already an element of trust that has been established. Further that trust by including a statement, such as. "We'll never sell your email address" or a similar message promising not to abuse the information they're giving you. If they trust your brand, the reassurance will go a long way in easing fears.

Abandon complacency

Never get comfortable. Sound daunting? It isn't as bad as you might think. It really boils down to constantly evaluating and re-evaluating your landing page. Don't be afraid to throw out what doesn't work. And don't be afraid to challenge what does work by keeping your eye on the data and seeing if it can be tweaked or improved upon. The worst thing your brand can do is get complacent and stop paying attention to the results your landing page is yielding. If you've never attempted a landing page or haven't gotten the results you'd like, it's time to try again. It's all a matter of planning and careful thought. Take the time to sit down with your team and see what a landing page can do for your contest. The results will be well worth it!