Video Contest Marketing Tips To Boost Your Campaign

Video Contest Marketing TipsAre you making the most of video contest marketing? We have 3 tips to make sure you’re accomplishing what you need to. The whole point of putting together an awesome, successful contest is to establish and foster connections while getting the word out about your brand, right? A video contest can accomplish this and more thanks to the interest they generate. Paired with the online appetite for video viewing, and you’ve got a great marketing campaign on your hands. It's just a matter of knowing how to make the most of what a contest can do for your business.

Include links back to your site

Video is known for its sharability, but if your content is making the rounds without information that leads viewers back to your website - it's not doing its job as well as it could be. Make sure viewers who are intrigued, or want to know more, can do so through relevant links. This is especially important when you consider that content takes time to deliver results. It might not show up immediately in search results, which is why you'll benefit more in the long-term if you make sure viewers know how to find you. The contest will be over, but it’s up to you to make sure the impact is a lasting one.

Be on your best behavior

This seems like a no-brainer, but hear me out! The way your brand conducts itself will impact the involvement and success of future contests. If the contest ends up having a lower turnout than you would have liked and you decide to scrap it, or you are able to make important, lasting connections with followers - good or bad, followers will remember all of it. Put your best foot forward. Answer any questions entrants might have in a polite, timely manner. Keep up conversations surrounding the contest on social media. Also, when the contest ends, make a deal about who won. You're excited about a successful marketing effort, but don't forgive to spend some time congratulating the winner. People will be curious about who won, and the winner will love receiving congratulations and recognition!

Put video content to good use

What happens once the contest is over? Hopefully your game plan includes capitalizing on the video you've received. You can create a page dedicated to displaying content from the contest on your website. Make it easy for consumers who are just discovering your brand to learn more about you and browse through content. Take it a step further by sharing video contest entries on social media. Entrants will be thrilled to share their content with family and friends. Since your contest idea is awesome - the content is likely to get passed around and gain attention. Both of these options will allow you to continue making connections through content. If you stop short, letting video content gather dust - it's a missed opportunity. Keep up the creativity, and keep people viewing, sharing, and talking about your brand.