Video Contest Promotion Tips For Summer Holidays

Video Contest Promotion Warm weather and family vacation plans are on the brain, but how's your summer video contest promotion planning shaping up? If you're going to use any of the summer holidays to build a fun, summer campaign, it's time to start thinking about how you'll handle promotion!
First up, timing.
It would be great if we could plan an awesome campaign and then let the promotion fall into place without too much effort. But getting the word out takes more work than that, and a little bit of strategy. A lot of us fear starting our promotion too late, and with good reason. It doesn't matter how well you put together your campaign, if your promotion isn't happening until the last minute, then no one is going to hear about it. Then you're facing low turn-out and other problems that you'll have to answer for.
What doesn't get talked about a lot is the danger of promoting too early.
There's a balance that you need to strike up between promoting your video contest when holiday excitement is high, but also having enough time for blog posts and social media to be effective in reaching your audience. If you're going to be rolling out a campaign for Father's Day, or the 4th of July, you have to time your promotion so it's reaching your audience with enough time to get in on it.
It's important to know that starting your promotion too soon will result in lower turn-out due to prospective entrants putting off their entry and not coming back to it.
The takeaway
There's something to be said about finding that balance for promoting your contest. When you're thinking in terms of building a contest around a summer holiday, it requires a little more strategizing on your part. Between capitalizing on the holiday buzz, and not promoting too soon and losing interest, you've got a unique set of circumstances on your hands. Any concerns you have about promoting too early or late can be handled by sitting down and creating a timeline where you're able to reach your audience in a way that makes sense and will be most effective for the campaign.