Video Contest Requirements For Your Next Campaign

Video Contest RequirementsIt's time to consider video contest requirements that'll work best for your next campaign. Whether you're just starting out or already have a few under your belt, the most important thing to keep in mind is whether or not your campaign is helping future marketing efforts. Thinking about the content you're looking to receive now and how it can help you out in the long-term is really a key part of your campaign strategy. If you're receiving video without looking to the future, you're probably missing out on the chance to use it for its full potential.
Requirements that compliment future marketing efforts
Content The video that you put out there needs to have a connection to all that your brand stands for. If you receive content through your contest that promotes values or a message that doesn't convey your message, it's not going to do much good to tell people what you're about. Length Viewers aren't known for their attention spans. Video is being consumed more and more, but you're not doing yourself any favors if you're trying to circulate video that doesn't grab or hold attention. Make sure you're letting contest entrants know that you have a specific video length in mind, rather than letting them choose and running the risk of receiving content that has to be heavily edited. Shareability Do people want to share content from your contest or are they clicking away? In order to circulate and do well, your contest idea needs to demand engaging content. A lot of brands stress and put too much pressure on themselves without realizing that some of the best ideas are the simplest.
The takeaway
Contests are exciting because they allow you to engage your following and do all sort of outreach to people who are hearing about what you do for the first time. A lot of the effort you put into these campaigns will come back to you in a big way if you also keep your eye on what content you're receiving now can do in the future to promote what your brand's all about.