Video Contest Results: Where Do You Display Them?

Video contest results When your video contest draws to a close, do you know where you're going to display the results? Haven't given it too much thought? No problem! We've thought about it for you. The goal of any contest is to generate awareness surrounding your brand. At the end of the day, if you've engaged your following and promoted your brand in a positive way - you've done your job! Video contests can have a lasting impact on your brand, ensuring a great connection with consumers, turning conversions who are on the fence, into satisfied leads. In order to accomplish this, it's important to give some thought to what'll happen once the contest ends, including where you'll display the results. The contest shouldn't just end and then fizzle out. Participants want to know who won, and it's in your best interest to continue using the results as an opportunity to link back to your site for more exposure. Here are a few ideas about where to display your video contest results. Perhaps the most obvious starting point is your company website, or blog. Since you're looking to draw attention to your brand, it makes sense that you'd announce the results on your site. It's a sure way to increase traffic, which can lead to online users sticking around to look at more of your content. A sure way to accomplish this is to make a special blog post announcing the winner. Draw attention to the announcement. A successful contest is worth celebrating and it'll make future, potential entrants more likely to want to get involved in the future. It also shows that you've kept your word by promoting the winning entry and giving out the prize you offered. Whether it's entrants or loyal fans who are following what's happening with the contest, you always want to deliver on whatever it is you promise. Displaying the results is a good way to reassure them of your commitment to delivering on what you promise. Next, you need to head to social media. Facebook is perfect for engaging fans directly once the video contest is over. As far as platforms go, it naturally lends itself to connecting by starting conversations. Don't be shy! Discuss the video contest and the results with your following and see what they have to say. Was there more than one prize given? List the prizes. You can chat about all the details and make sure the video is getting circulated across multiple platforms. Same goes with Twitter, where you can link the results back to your website or blog. Don't miss out on the chance to continue meaningful conversations surrounding the contest. Especially if they lead consumers back to your website! Don't forget to create a press release to increase awareness about your company and contest. If you're unfamiliar with creating a press release for your contest, we have a template to get you well on your way. It's an easy, concise way to get word out about your video contest results, outside of the usual social media platforms. You can send it to traditional news outlets, which will allow you to reach a new, potentially untapped audience, while supplying all the information they need to seek your business out. Once you've hit your website and blog, social media, and sent out a press release announcing the video contest results, you can always reach out to anyone else involved in the contest. Did you work with a sponsor? Join up with them to make the announcement. You can double your exposure, even find a new audience through their online presence. Video contests are as rewarding as the work you put into them. It's all a matter of realizing that your work doesn't end when the contest does.