Video Testimonial Best Practices: 5 Core Concepts

Video Testimonial Best PracticesAnyone can decide to incorporate video testimonials into their marketing strategy. But receiving videos, and receiving videos that are successful and have a lasting impact are two separate things. Here are the video testimonial best practices that will go a long way in making sure you're the latter.


What's being said in each testimonial? More importantly, is the same thing being said over and over again? The great thing about video testimonials is the capacity to learn something new from each one. You're not allowed to brag about your business, but clients are. So, let them! Instead of sticking to the same topics, provide questions that explore various aspects of what your brand does well. You shouldn't feel limited, like you have to stick with testimonials pertaining to one aspect of your brand. You'll yield better results if you consider a wide range of questions and topics, all with a unique message for viewers.


How will viewers feel about the video content? Pretend you're new to interacting with your brand. Sit down and view video testimonials that you plan to display, and think about what you'd take away from watching it. Hopefully, it's mostly a good feeling! If not, what can you improve upon? Details like lighting, atmosphere, and authenticity seem like smaller details here and there, but they add up when you're watching the final product. It's best to take stock as you go, rather than accepting videos without reviewing them to see what can be improved or adjusted.


Your videos have a great message, and all of the potential delivery kinks have been worked out. Where do you place the videos? That depends. Each video should be addressing something new and different. For example, if you've unveiled a new feature and have received testimonials that sing its praises - you're going to put those testimonials somewhere that draws attention to that feature. Same goes for testimonials that highlight your customer service, or the excellence of your produce. You have the opportunity to use these to put potential clients at ease when they might be experiencing anxiety about investing.


People love receiving shout-outs on social media. Why not reward people for their testimonials by thanking them directly, but also calling attention to how awesome they are via social media? As a bonus, once you thank them, they're more likely to want to share the video so it can be viewed by friends, family, and followers.

Don't be afraid to evolve

Even the most successful marketing strategies can get stale if you let them. Your video testimonials run the same risk if you aren't up on measuring impact and how they're helping your brand. Combat the testimonial slump by not being afraid to learn, and continuously challenging your brand to do better.