Which Video Contest Requirements Should You Use In Your Next Campaign?

Video Contest RequirementsWhich video contest requirements should you use in your next campaign? There are a few factors at play when you ask yourself a question like this. Take into consideration who your audience is, as well as where they’ll be hanging out online, and create requirements that’ll work in your favor based on these details.

First up, having family friendly content.

Some brands do really well by using content that's edgy to grab attention. It works perfectly for products that are clearly adult-oriented, but how about your brand? Unless you're selling a product aimed at adults only, it's better to stick with content that's family-friendly, rather than risk turning off consumers. Having edgy content is a good way to draw attention to yourself, but attention for the sake of attention isn't always a good thing! A solid picture of what you want your brand to be now and in the future is a good way to gauge whether content will fit the image you're looking to project.


How are you planning on using the video content once the contest is over? If you're going to make the most of it by sharing it in future marketing efforts, you're going to want to be conscious of length. The majority of viewers tune out quickly. Keep their attention by placing a time limit on the content you receive. The rule of thumb seems to be sticking to 30 seconds - 1 minute long. There are exceptions to every rule, but tread carefully to avoid loss of interest.

Tweet/share to enter

Use the point of entry as a means for getting the word out about your video contest. Tweeting or liking to enter on Twitter and Facebook are two ways to accomplish that. That way, friends, family, and other followers are going to see your contest on their feed, all without you having to spam them with Tweets and status updates. Similarly, if you're heading to a different platform, like tumblr., you can count follows/reblogs as entries. Liking a post on tumblr. won't count for much, but reblogs can increase exposure and up contest awareness. Again, it's all about understanding where your following is going to be hanging out and getting creative with entry so it works in your favor!