Why Video Contest Software Became So Popular In 2013

Video Contest SoftwareWas it a fluke that made video contest software become so popular in 2013? Hardly. Without the demand for software to make campaigns easier and more efficient to launch, the demand for software wouldn't have spiked the way it did. Let's talk a little more about why the demand was there in the first place.
The demand to easily launch campaigns was there for a few reasons. Attitudes about marketing and reaching audiences have been shifting. More and more campaigns are relying less on the endless stream of money that large corporations can pour into marketing. Campaigns with big budgets and nearly endless resources might look pretty great when they're all put together. But what are those campaigns really accomplishing by throwing money at their marketing without actually building a relationship with their audience? Instead of throwing money at marketing, something accomplished exclusively by the big guys, campaigns that use way less money and head to consumers to generate conversations through content are taking off. With the ease of reaching consumers through social media, it only made sense that software would need to play catch up to this new, ever-expanding way of reaching out and hearing from the people whose voices matter most.
Ease of use
When you're talking about the rapid growth of video contest software, a huge factor is the ease of use. Think about it. Would we be clamoring for software that made our lives more difficult? Not likely. The ability to launch a campaign - managing several at once, even - while moderating, sharing, and collecting the analytics was all uncomplicated by the use of video contest software. Managing multiple campaigns has never been easier. Getting consumers in on the conversation, readjusting the focus of our campaigns so they're the focus, rather than making them feel like we're talking at them has been a key part of the growth of software. The great thing about video contest software is that the growth isn't over. Marketing is always altering and re-shaping, influenced by our audience and the technology that's coming out to meet our needs.