Why Video Contest Widgets Are So Critical To Your Campaign's Success

Video Contest WidgetWhat can video contest widgets do to make your campaign a success and easier on you? Turns out, quite a bit. If you're someone who's still working on how to be better at organization, a widget can streamline the process for you. Let's talk about how.
What they are
First up, what is a contest widget? A widget allows you to easily launch a video contest on your website, blog, and Facebook page with the help of a simple embed code. All it takes is a quick copy and paste of the code onto your site, and you can start receiving and organizing content. Zero hassle and you're good to go!
What a contest widget can do for you and your campaign
Above all else, a video contest widget can really simplify the process of receiving content. Not just for you, but for entrants as well. A widget placed on your site, including social media platforms, will allow content to be recorded, reviewed, and voted on. All in one stop. Rather than having your entrants navigate to different sites, they can record their video and then go ahead and check out other videos, and even go through the voting process. On your end, a widget will allow you to keep track of what your receiving, which becomes even more important while voting is happening. Once the voting period is over, you can easily scroll through and view the videos with the highest number of votes. The alternative means that you're saddled with collecting and organizing video as it comes in, which can get overwhelming pretty quickly. A widget can ease things on the organization end, and really smooth out the campaign process for you and everyone else involved.